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About Us

My wife Kathleen and I took over Avenue Wine & Liquor on May 1, 1974. We began this endeavor with our newborn son Shane. He really knew nothing about the business, but was satisfied to be wheeled around the store by customers, while Kathy and I took care of business. Years of working for my parents at the Plaza Beer & Liquor store in Cudahy, gave me a background in the liquor business, but mostly that experience instilled a positive work ethic and an eagerness to work with the public.

As the industry has changed over the years, we have made a conscientious effort to respond to our customer’s needs and wants, without sacrificing traditional values. A greeting when you enter and leave has always been a priority. Counting back your change, as insignificant as it may seem, reaffirms our pursuit of honesty. Carrying out your purchase, daily wine tastings, and multiple sale discounts, are but a few other things that separate us from the norm.

Thirty years ago we embarked on an advertising campaign focusing on a top hat, tuxedo, and a pair of worn tennis shoes. “Top Hat Service at Tennis Shoe Prices – Class at a Price!” is a philosophy we continue to this day. This “Top Hat” service has evolved in our wine department to a numeric system in which we tag each wine from 1 to 5, dry to sweet, allowing our customers to explore ‘new wines’, yet stay within their guidelines of personnel preference. It is our understanding that we are the only store in Milwaukee and possibly in the state to offer such a service.

Though our three sons, Shane, Troy and Cory, have moved on and away – the rest of our ‘Avenue Family’ is very in tune to your needs and wants. They take great pride in going the extra mile to help locate products we may not carry, help plan a party or introduce you to a new item.

Our present clerking staff has been with us between 13 and 28 years, which alone speaks volumes. Our customers, like our staff - are family – someone very special to us and me personally.

My name is Dennis  - Hope to meet YOU – SOON!